I'm guest of this massage salon since 3 years, and i visit them regularly when i don't have a girlfriend.

In general, all girls are very nice. But this Mila.. :)
Ay yay yay :))
She's so nice, so kind, so soft, so professional.
I mean.. Today i didn't have massage, that was something else.. :) I can say that i was in heaven, or in clouds :) So much tenderness.
Very nice.
I don't know how i didn't visit her before. Coincidence.
I totally recommend.
I like this salon in general. They work very professional.
I congratulate Mila.
I put on my shoes, i was going to door to leave the salon. It was last 2 seconds.. She was asking:
- "Do you want more water?"
Now, this is a girl with a nice heart, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm very pleased.
I'm not saying "i will definitely come again" :)
Because i already do this :)

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