Erotic massage in Odessa from a salon "EGOIST" will allow to submerge you in the unforgettable atmosphere of calmness, weakening and pleasures.

Our erotic massage salon was born in Odessa ashore the Black sea and absorbed in itself all unique south temperament and colour of our legendary city...
We created our salon of erotic massage in Odessa for those, who wants to rest from a routine everyday, high rate in-process, to get maximal pleasure from life and here feel all charm of our city!
For you we chose the chic suites of rooms in the most picturesque places of Odessa, salons for your comfort are located in the different corners of city and around the clock glad to accept as well acquainted so deciding first to try the erotic massage of guests.
In our salon the best masseuses of Odessa and Ukraine work and we are glad that they chose our massage salon exactly, all of them passed the special preparation and will surprise you not only by bright appearance, pleasant communication but also high quality erotic massage, and also such programs however a pip-show, lesbian-show and strip-show, will leave indifferent even experience guests.
Every girl executes an intimate massage individually taking into account customer wishes, combining different massage techniques with own unique style, will deliver to you the unforgettable feeling and will take you to the complete weakening... for us you will feel an egoist!
Understanding importance of corresponding situation for our salon we specially invited a specialist from Thailand that picked up optimal combinations of oils and aromas specially for realization of erotic massage in Odessa, in fact not every aroma befits for our marine air.

A maximal effect from a ero massage in our salon is arrived at by creation of corresponding situation through aromatic oils, tantric music and light filling of apartment.
The photos of our masseuses on 100% correspond to the girls really working in our salon.
Conduct the leisure qualitatively and you with pleasure will remember time conducted in the best salon of erotic massage in Odessa and will want to go back to us more and more
Become acquainted with our wonderful masseuses
And also will look over the types of intimate massage, offered in our salon





Вот ты и спалился, фраерок.

Дед Мороз

100% . Все комментарии сам и пишет. Или вот я,- сижу,вот,...под дулом пистолета и строчу... Да и сайт - это ведь самое главное в бизнесе :(... ....................................Ну и как , на счет конкурса на самый "талантливый" комментарий?:) Участников всё больше и больше...


А зачем так откровенно занижать возраст девушек? Вообще салон скатился в пропасть. Видно хозяин совсем упустил нити управления. Только сайтом и занимается и сам про свои салон отзывы пишет.

Review about: Sun, 02/03/2019 - 09:02

Да да))) Эгоист уже не торт, сидим в пропасти и пишем себе отзывы)))


Марго номер 1 салона Эгоист!!!! Девушки берите с неё пример!!! Премию девочке!!!!!


Был сегодня у Ники. Взял на час, потом продлил ещё на час. Массаж хорошо, эротическая часть - очень хорошо. Девочка вовлекается в процесс, старается, создаёт нужную атмосферу. Ушёл расслабленным и в хорошем настроении. В общем рекомендую. Не обижайте.


2 слова. Королева Марго. Топ-уровень. Красота и обаяние. 100% физическое и моральное удовлетворение. Виват, Марго! Виват, Эгоист!