Dear Guests, kindly request - follow the rules below for coming to our Salon!


  1.  We do not provide intimate services (including oral sex).
  2.  Do not offer girls for a fee to provide other types of services (other than massage) in or outside the territory of the Salon.  Do not ask the girls to exchange mobile phones.  Even for trying to do this, the girl massage therapist will be fired.
  3.  We do not work with visitors who used to drink alcohol before us (in large quantities)!
  4.  It is not allowed to touch the girl's genitals (hands, tongue, sexual organ).  If you do not hear it the first time, the girl will have to stop the massage without returning the prepayment!
  5.  Visitors are not allowed to bring video, photo, audio equipment, condoms, vibrators, narcotic substances into the room.

 Dear Guests, respect the efforts and work of our girls.

 In our salon we offer a wide selection of massages that satisfy the most varied tastes of our customers.
 Photos of our girls, their parameters, height, weight, hair color - a complete analogue of what you see in reality!
 Salon works: around the clock!

 We recommend that you sign up for a massage in advance.
 Always glad to see you, at any time convenient for you!